Mr. G's Driving School FAQs

How do I sign up for your driver education courses?

You can sign up from our website! Simply go to the Upcoming Sessions page and follow the prompts to create your online account. You can also contact us via phone or email for further information.

When do you offer driver education sessions?

We provide many classroom training courses throughout the year. To find dates that work with your schedule, view our Upcoming Sessions page.

Do you offer both Segment I and Segment II driver education services?

Yes we do! You can take both Segments through Mr. G's Driving School. If you have taken Segment I at a different driving school, you can still take Segment II with Mr. G's Driving School. Check out our driver education Services page for more information.

When can I begin drivers ed?

In the state of Michigan, you must be 14 years 8 months old to begin your driver education courses. View our Rules & Regulations page for more details.